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Dr. James Odell is one of the kindest, most compassionate, most brilliant doctors I have ever met; I would follow his mind to the ends of the Earth.

James and his way of viewing both body and patient are two of the very big reasons I am alive today. His incredible breadth of knowledge tossed me a much-needed life buoy, just when I thought I was sinking.


It is my fervent desire that this testimonial provide a “lay” perspective on the kind of massive medical paradigm shift for which James stands.

James’ spirit is infinite; he is driven only by a desire to help save our chronically ill world. While his waking hours are too limited to see new patients, he’s dedicating himself to the exponential power of education - and what an unparalleled compendium of knowledge this is.

Please join me in purchasing his groundbreaking reference work. Share it with your friends, family, and practitioners. If we all do our part to help launch this research out into the world, we could create a ripple effect - and what a different world it will be.

As James often says,
Be Well.

Happy reading!

– Tolson O'Toole

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